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PCVE Exhibition In Russia

International exhibition PCVExpo is the only specialized exhibition in Russia where pumps, compressors, valves and actuators for a wide range of industries are presented.

Exhibition sections:
· Industrial pumping equipment
· Industrial and construction compressors
· Industrial pipeline valves and actuators
· Engines
· Associated equipment

· Russian and foreign manufacturers;
· Trading companies;
· Dealers;
· Service equipment repair companies;
· Research and design bureaus etc.

Exhibition visitors are heads of procurement, executives of manufacturing enterprises, engineering and commercial directors, dealers as well as chief engineers and chief mechanics using this equipment in manufacturing processes for companies operating in oil and gas industry, machine-building industry, fuel and energy industry, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, water supply / water disposal as well as housing and public utility
In 2016 PCVExpo combined 167 companies from 10 countries worldwide on its exposition area.
In 2017 PCVExpo will be held at the same time with Mashex Moscow,  Power Electronics,  ExpoCoating Moscow, Heat&Power,  Fasttec, Testing&Control и NDT Russia.
Venue: Crocus Expo IEC – the most up-to-date Exhibition Center in Russia.
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